Turning NAO on

To turn NAO on:

Step Action
Make sure NAO is on a flat surface, providing enough space to move around.

Press the Chest Button once.

Result :

  • Start-up

    The LEDs , blinking and fading, inform you about the progress of the startup. For further details, see: Understanding the boot process .

    The boot process is completed when NAO says “ OGNAK GNOUK ”.

  • Life

    Shortly after, NAO starts seeking your attention.

    If applications are installed, they may be launched automatically or interactively.

    Note : NAO may behave very differently according to the settings chosen by his owner. For further details, see: Understanding Autonomous Life settings .

Chest Button - NAO



If ... Action
nothing happens

Make sure the battery is charged.

For further details, see: Charging the battery .

NAO stays still

Make sure the Autonomous life is on.

For further details, see: Autonomous Life .

NAO does not listen nor talk

Make sure the Basic Channel is on.

For further details, see: Basic Channel .