Setting NAO ‘s preferred language

What is the language of my robot

By default, two languages are installed on NAO :

  • English and
  • your local language (or the second language you have asked for) among available languages.

For further details, see: Getting the list of installed languages .

He can easily switch from a language to another. For further details, see: Temporarily switching to another language .

Fallback language

English is his default or “native” language.

It means that if for any technical reason he is not able to find a word or a sentence in the current language, NAO will automatically switch to English.

Preferred Language

You can define a language as his preferred or configured language.

For further details, see: Modifying the preferred language .

Modifying the preferred language

To modify the configured language:

Step Action
On a computer, launch Robot settings .
Display the Settings .
Choose a language in the Robot language list.

Temporarily switching to another language

NAO may temporarily switch to another language:

  • if an application requests it, or
  • on your request. For further details, see: Modify settings .

In both cases this switch is not permanent:

NAO will switch back to the language defined in his settings as soon as the application ends or you stop chatting with NAO .

Getting the list of installed languages

To get the list of installed language, you may:

Ordering additional Languages

It is possible to order two additional languages, among the Supported languages .

To do so:

Contact your local Sales Representative or the Customer support.
For further details, see: Contacting customer support for NAO .