Robot settings

Robot Settings gives an overview of key information:

  • See immediately if there are Notifications to read or Updates to launch.
  • See the network name and type.

Use directly the essential settings displayed on the first zone, or click the others to access to more settings and information.

How to Access?

See: Get Robot settings and then Accessing to Robot Settings .

More details

Essential settings



  • Shut down button
  • IP, Battery level
  • Volume
  • Autonomous Life on/off
  • Awake on/off
  • Say

Also available thanks to the menu:


WiFi Management


Displays the network name and type.



Displays the number of pending notifications.

Advanced Settings

  • Click to display more information and the advanced settings of the robot.

    For further details, see: Settings .



Displays the number of pending updates.

  • Click to launch them.

    For further details, see: Updates .

Help and Documentation


Quick access to Support, store and documentation.

Also available thanks to the help button:


Accessing to Robot Settings

Step Action

On your computer, launch Robot settings .

The Welcome to robot settings page appears.


Click the Connect button.

The list of robots available on the network appears.


Select or add your robot.

  • If your robot appears in the list, select it, then enter its password when requested.

  • If your robot does not appear in the list, click the Manually add a NAO button and follow the instructions.