Robot settings


Main Settings

Icon Name Allows you to ...
home_btn My robot Display and set the day to day settings of the robot.
network_btn Network settings Set the connection to the network.
update_btn Updates Set and manage the link to the SoftBank Robotics Cloud .
config_btn Advanced settings Display and set the advanced settings of the robot.

Additional Settings

Additional settings may appear when you download applications or subscribe to a Channel. In the same way, some settings may not appear if you have not subscribed to the related service.

My robot

My robot section displays the main settings of the robot.

Name Description
Volume Allows you to set the volume.
Battery Displays the current level of the battery.
NAOqi version Displays the version currently running on NAO .

Accessing to Robot Settings

Step Action

On your computer, launch Robot settings .


Press NAO ‘s Chest button once.


NAO says the four numbers of its IP address : note them.

Enter this IP address in the Host/IP field and press Enter.

Tips : make sure you add dots between the numbers.

Result : the Robot settings appears.


If the robot has not yet been configured, the NAO - Getting started wizard wizard appears instead: follow its steps, you will then have access to the Robot settings .