Registering and updating your NAO


Updates section allows you to set and manage the link to the SoftBank Robotics Cloud .


Updating your NAO

Step Action

Make sure your NAO is turned on and connected to the network.

Not sure?

  • Press its Chest button once.
  • If NAO says its name and IP address, connection is OK.

On a computer, launch Robot Settings .

For further details, see: Accessing to Robot Settings .

Click the Updates page.
Applications needing to be updated appear.

Make sure Autonomous Life is switched off.

For further details see: Switching Autonomous life on and off .

Click the Launch update button.

When do I need to update my NAO

You can trigger the update using Robot Settings , when:

  • you want to retrieve the last release of already installed applications.

  • you have selected new applications on the NAO Apps Store .

    For further details, see: Selecting applications to install .

Downloading a system image

When a new system image is available for download, the Robot Settings displays a NAOqi upgrade alert.

This automatic download is the result of a a setting defined on the NAO Apps Store . For further details, see: Setting automatic system update .

To download the system image:

Step Action

Click the Update button.

A progression bar appears.

Wait until prompted, to reboot.

Check the battery level.

Important : make sure the robot battery is fully charged: a power shortage during upgrading could leave the robot in a fatal state.

Tips : if your battery has a limited capacity, you should leave the charger plugged during the upgrade. However it could be wise to order a new battery.

Click the Reboot now button.

The boot process can take a long time.

For further details, see: Upgrading .