FSR stands for Force Sensitive Resistors .

These sensors measure a resistance change according to the pressure applied.

The FSR located on the feet have a working range from 0 N to 25 N.



See the URDF file .

Part Name
LFsrFL LFoot/FSR/FrontLeft
LFsrFR LFoot/FSR/FrontRight
LFsrRL LFoot/FSR/RearLeft
LFsrRR LFoot/FSR/RearRight
RFsrFL RFoot/FSR/FrontLeft
RFsrFR RFoot/FSR/FrontRight
RFsrRL RFoot/FSR/RearLeft
RFsrRR RFoot/FSR/RearRight

To access values by using ALMemory key names, see: FSR Sensors .