Camera viewer

The Camera viewer allows you to:

  • configure robot cameras,
  • display what they see,
  • take pictures or
  • record videos.

To load the Camera viewer plugin into Monitor, see How to launch a Monitor plugin.

Once loaded, the following panel is displayed:

Part Name Description
A Viewer settings

The following settings have an impact limited to the display on Camera viewer, and has no impact on video recording: whatever the settings, videos are recorded in QVGA (320*240) at 15 fps, with MJPG compression.

  • Framerate: set the maximum framerate you want to display. The lower the

    lighter will be the charge for both your robot’s CPU and your LAN.


    High rates of high resolution frames sometimes cannot be reached. You can ensure better conditions by stopping all consuming programs and by setting a wired connection with your robot.

  • Resolution

  • Black and white

  • Mark detection: detect NAOmarks and locate them on the image.

  • Vision recognition: detect learnt objects and locate them on the image.

B Camera settings

The following settings impact video recording and all the modules which use the cameras.

  • Exposure: check Auto exposition to automatically set the exposition time. When unchecked, Exposure slider is enabled to let you set the parameter manually. A long exposition time may slow the framerate, but gets a brighter image with less noise.
  • Gain: check Auto gain to automatically set the gain. When unchecked, Gain slider is enabled to let you set the parameter manually. A great gain will make a brighter image, but may amplify noise.
  • Exposure correction: additional exposure correction taking place after exposure and gain operation.
  • White balance: check Auto white balance to automatically set the white balance. When unchecked, Blue / Red chroma: sliders are enabled to let you set color proportions in the image manually.
  • Brightness / Contrast / Hue
  • Vertical / Horizontal flip
C Action Buttons

Play monitor-camera-play starts retrieving and displaying images from your robot in the video widget.

Pause monitor-camera-pause pauses video display and stops requesting images.

Record monitor-camera-record starts recording a video. monitor-camera-stop stop recording the video and prompts for a destination file.

Snapshot monitor-camera-snapshot takes three pictures (a,b,c) of what the robot sees. The files will be saved to: /home/nao/.local/share/naoqi/vision/{timestamp}{a,b,c}.jpg

Switch camera: switches between head’s front and bottom cameras.

D Video Recorder tab

This panel allows you to define the file name used to store the video on the robot.

It also displays information about the last recorded video file.