Testing the Body language

Testing the Animated say box

no-virtualCannot be tested on a simulated robot.

Step Action
Connect Choregraphe to a real robot.
Drag and drop the Audio > Voice > Animated Say box onto the Flow Diagram panel.
Connect its input to the main input of the behavior.
Click the play-buttonPlay button to test the result.

Customizing the text

Step Action
Double-click the box and enter your own text in the Localized text box.
Click the play-buttonPlay button to test the result.

Testing the body language option

Step Action

Click the parameter-buttonParameter button of the Animated Say box and choose the Body language mode.

For further details, see: Body language modes.

Click the play-buttonPlay button to test the result.

Adding instructions

Step Action

Choose one or several body language behavior(s) among those installed on the robot.

You can choose for example Hey_1, Hey_6 or Please_1.

Compose a text including instructions using this behavior.

For example:

^start(animations/Stand/Gestures/Hey_1) My friend, the weather
is really hot today!^stop(animations/Stand/Gestures/Hey_1)

^start(animations/Stand/Gestures/Please_1) Do me a favor,
turn on the fan!^wait(animations/Stand/Gestures/Please_1)

For further details, see: Instructions.

Paste this text in the Localized text box located inside the Animated Say box.
Click the play-buttonPlay button to test the result.

To go further

Creating a Behavior for annotated text

This tutorial explains how to create a Behavior and then use it in an annotated text.

Step Action

Create a Timeline box containing a short animation.

For example, you can use the Motions > Animations > Wipe Forehead box.

Connect the box to the onStart input and onStopped output.
Right click the box and choose Edit resources.

Make sure the resources used by the box are selected and set the parameters as following:

  • At box startup: Wait 1 second,
  • During box execution: Lock

The way the resources has been set guaranties that before starting its execution, the Behavior will give enough time to the current animation to stop and release the requested resources.

Display the Robot applications panel and Install the current project on the robot.

If you haven’t saved the behavior yet, you will be prompted to give a name to the behavior.

Example: my_amination_wipe.

You can now use the name of this Behavior in an annotated text.


My name is John Doe, I'm a robot, I would be glad to talk to you.
^start(my_amination_wipe) But, look, it's a very hot day!
^wait(my_amination_wipe) ^start(animations/Stand/Gestures/You_1)
Could you turn on the fan, please?
^stop( animations/Stand/Gestures/You_1)