NAOqi Sensors - Overview | API

What it does

The ALTouch module generates the event TouchChanged() whenever the robot is touched.

The event TouchChanged() gives you a list of AL::ALValue with a body part and a boolean for the touch status.

For example:

  • [[“Head/Touch/Middle”, True], [“ChestBoard/Button”, True]]
  • [[“Head/Touch/Middle”, False]]
  • [[“LArm”, True], [“RHand”, False]]

How it works

The aim of these sensors is to determine whether the robot is touched. It’s a bistable behavior, an event is raised when for example the head is touched with the value True then an other one when the head is not touch anymore with the value False.

For the button [tactile, bumper, chest ...], the value is read in the ALMemory and if the status changed, an event is raised. For body parts that do not have capacitive sensors, touch is detected by a difference between joint angle commands and sensor.