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If you are writing a module that provides an external datasource, or otherwise correlates data with UserSession, please read on.

Providing a data source and/or bindings to your own ID

It is preferred to use UserSessions built-in getters and setters with the built-in database.
But you may need to provide an external data source or other ID bindings if:
  • You have your own database implementation that you want to be accessible through UserSession.
  • You have a remote database, and need to provide an interface into this.
  • You have a remote or local authentication system, and want this authentication process to be executed before your data is accessible.
  • Your module is representing the user with an ID that is different than the integer of the UserSession ID.

The API to do this is closed for public use, and approval is required from Aldebaran Robotics. Please contact support for access to the API.