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If you are developing an Activity that wants to take advantage of persistent user data, this is for you.

Events to watch and what you can do


If your activity offers no functionality when there is nobody to talk to, it should exit when this event comes in. Please see the API section for details.


This is how you know which UserSession ID the robot is trying to look at. It is who the robot is likely to be having a conversation with.

The engagePerson() API of BasicAwareness could be used to force a focused user if they are present. They are present if they have an open session.

UserSession/SessionsOpened and UserSession/SessionsClosed

These events are raised with the changes in open sessions. This might be a good time to check the values in UserSession/OpenSessions if you need.

The goal is to create group interactions based on the presence of multiple known users.

Getting/Setting user data

Imagine a game that needed to collect players and game-character names.

# lets register player's characters for our game
myGame = yourImagination()
us = ALProxy("ALUserSession")

register_another = True
players = list()
while register_another:
  focused_user = us.getFocusedUser()
  if focused_user == -1:
    if !myGame.attractPlayer():
  while focused_user == 0 and myGame.askToSeeFaceOrGiveUp(): # can't identify them
    focused_user = us.getFocusedUser()


  character_name = myGame.askCharacterName()
  us.setUserData(focused_user, "CharacterName", "com.myCompany.myGame", character_name)

  human_name = us.getUserData(focused_user, "user/name", "Dialog")
  if not human_name or human_name == "":

  register_another = myGame.askToAddAnotherPlayer()

Getting a user binding

ALPeoplePerception perceives many more people than UserSession handles. So ALPeoplePerception has it’s own IDs. A user is not the same thing as a perceived person.

You may need to know the perceived ID of a user. For example to use with ALPeoplePerception or ALBasicAwareness API. For example the following python snippet could force the robot to look at a specific user as it executes rounds of a game:

# lets cycle the turns of a game
myGame = yourImagination()
us = ALProxy("ALUserSession")
ba = ALProxy("ALBasicAwareness")

while !myGame.over():
  current_player = myGame.getCurrentPlayerUserID()
  open_sessions = us.getOpenUserSessions()
  focused_user = us.getFocusedUser()

  if !(current_player in open_sessions):
    if !myGame.calloutForCurrentPlayerToCome():

  if current_player != focused_user:
    # get the people perception ID of the player
    pp_id = us.getUserBinding(current_player, "PeoplePerception")
    if !ba.engagePerson(int(pp_id)):
      if !myGame.calloutForCurrentPlayerToCome():


The following snippet would get you their shirt color:

mem = ALProxy("ALMemory")
pp_id = us.getUserBinding(current_player, "PeoplePerception")
mem_key = "PeoplePerception/Person/" + pp_id + "/ShirtColor"
their_color = mem.getData(mem_key)

Note that in the next version (1.22.4) you will simply be able to do calls like this, without needing to know the bindings or consult the PeoplePerception ALMemory:

their_color = us.getUserData(current_player, "ShirtColor", "PeoplePerception")

Handling the anonymous user

If the focused user is 0, they are the anonymous user, meaning ALAutonomousLife failed to identify them. Usually this is because a good facial image could not be acquired. ALAutonomousLife will try every 3 seconds to identify, or create an identification for this user. After that succeeds, the real user will be focused.

If your activity is in a state where it requires verifying accurately who the focused user is, you should ask the user to take a good look at the robot.

It is not good to save any data for the anonymous user, because next time an anonymous user is focused they may not be the same person as before. So whenever an anonymous user is focused, you should clear out the previous anonymous user’s data. This can be accomplished by subscribing to the UserSession/FocusedUser event and seeing if the value is 0.

The ALDialog module automatically flushes it’s data for the anonymous user as can be noted in the log.