ASK NAO Interface - V2 - Changelog

This is the new ASK NAO Interface - V2 -

It has been designed to support robots running on NAOqi version 2.1.

If your robot is still running on version 1.14, you can:

Or better:

  • upgrade your robot with version 2.1, and then use the ASK NAO Interface - V2.

Global changes

  • Uses the new Aldebaran Store:

  • No need to enter community login and password anymore, the system now uses OAuth authentication system.

    You are redirected to an authorization page the first time you log in, and you need to ‘allow’ ASK NAO to access your store account.

  • In the Aldebaran menu bar, a new page: My Robots lists the robots associated to your account, as well as robots shared by other users in your institution.

  • Now robots can be associated to any Teacher or Admin account: they are automatically shared between institution members, so that every teacher can use them.

  • Confirmation messages has been added everywhere (when a Playlist is saved, when a user profile is added/updated, etc.)

  • Website loading time optimized.

  • A link to Ask NAO documentation has been added in the Aldebaran menu bar.

  • A notification system with a notification menu has been added on the main page.

    This menu displays notifications.

    Currently you will get notified everytime one of your robot updates or installs an application. You’ll also get notified when the ASK NAO interface is updated.

  • Website translated in Spanish and German.

Playlist tab changes

  • Activity information displays additional items about the application: version and tags.
  • A Search box has been added to search for Playlist on the Playlist page.
  • A search box has been added to search for Activities on the Playlist edition page.
  • Playlist icon becomes dynamic, and displays the icons of the Activity included in the Playlist.

Create tab changes

  • A new CREATE tab has been added, containing the Quiz me content creator.

    With this new page, the Teacher can create its own quizzes, and later play them with the Quiz me! Activity on NAO.

Administration panel changes

  • New function: import CSV files for child account creation.

Quiz me! content creator

First version of the Quiz me! content creator.


  • List your quizzes.

  • Create quizzes.

    Quiz has a title, a topic, a description, a language grade and a difficulty. Add as many questions as you want to your quiz. Each quiz question has one right answer, and a variable number of wrong answers possible.

  • Update/delete existing quizzes.