Administrator home

When the Administrator has also Teacher and/or Parent privileges, the Admin home displays the the Teacher and/or Parent tabs.


The role of the Administrator

The Administrator of an institution is responsible for creating the accounts for its staff, the parents, as well as linking child passports to the appropriate teachers and parents.

Administrator can:

  • Create/edit Teacher and Parents accounts,
  • Create Children passports, and associate them to Teachers and Parents accounts.

Creating a School Network

To start creating your ASK NAO school network:

Step Action

Click the Admin button.

The administration panel is displayed.

For further details, see: Admin Menu.

For each classroom:

  • Create a user account for each teacher and each parent.

    For further details, Add a User.

  • Create a child account for each child and link it to its related adults.

    For further details, see: Add a Child.