qitoolchain.toolchain – Managing toolchains

A Toolchain is simply a set of binary packages .


class qitoolchain.toolchain. Toolchain ( name )

A toolchain is a set of packages

If has a name that will later be used as ‘build config’ by the CMakeBuilder object.

It has a configuration in ~/.config/qi/toolchains/<name.xml> looking like:

Most of the work is done by the qitoolchain.database.DataBase class.

  <package name="..." path="..." />


thus added packages are stored permanently.


The name of the toolchain


A list of QiPackage instances


The path to the generated toolchain file. Usually in .cache/qi/toolchains/<name>/toolchain-<name>.cmake) ) It sets CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH and includes the necessary toolchain files, for instance:

                 # Autogenerted file
list(INSERT CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH 0 "/path/to/a/ctc")
list(INSERT CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH 0 "/path/to/a/package")

add_package ( package )

Add a package to this toolchain

Parameters: package – A QiPackage instance
remove_package ( name )

Remove a package from this toolchain

remove ( )

Remove self.

Clean cache, remove all packages, remove self from configuration

update ( feed_url=None )

Parse an xml feed, adding packages to self while doing so See Parsing toolchain feeds and qitoolchain.feed for details