qitoolchain.binary_package – Toolchain binary package utilities

This module contains function to import binary packages in qiBuild toolchains. This module provides utility functions to import binary packages used by some other compatible distribution into a qiBuild toolchain. All qiBuild packages should have the same layout.

qitoolchain.binary_package. open_package ( package_path )

Open the given binary package. :return: A Package instance

qitoolchain.binary_package. convert_to_qibuild ( package , package_metadata=None , output_dir=None , output_name=None )

Convert a binary package into a qiBuild package. :param package: an instance of qitoolchain.binary_package.BinaryPackage. :param package_metadata: a dict to override the metadata of the package,

or to provide the metadata if the could not be read from the binary package
  • output_dir – where to put the new qiBuild package, defaults to the basename of the binary package
  • gen_cmake – whether we should try to generate a CMake module for this package
Package output_name:

the archive name of the qiBuild package, computed from the metadata if not given


path to the converted qiBuild package