qisys.script – Tools for qibuild scripts

Functions defined in this module

qisys.script. run_action ( module_name , args=None , forward_args=None )

Run an action using its module path and a list of arguments. If forward_args is given, it must be an argparse.Namespace object. This namespace will be merged with args before being passed to the do() method of module_name.

Example of use

             # Configure, build, and run tests on the "foo" project:

def do(args):
    # Forward the --release example to every action:
      ["foo"], forward_args=args)
      ["foo"], forward_args=args)
      ["foo"], forward_args=args)

qisys.script. root_command_main ( name , parser , modules , args=None )
Root Command Main
name : name of the main program parser : an instance of ArgumentParser class modules : list of Python modules
qisys.script. action_modules_from_package ( package_name )

Returns a suitable list of modules from a package. Example:

assuming you have:
actions/foo/__init__.py actions/foo/spam.py actions/foo/eggs.py
action_modules_from_package(“actions.foo”) returns: [actions.foo.spam, actions.foo.eggs]

Example of usage:

             parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
modules = qisys.script.action_modules_from_package("qibuild.actions")
qisys.script.root_command_main("qibuild", parser, modules)