qisrc.review – Using code review (gerrit)

Handling pushing changes to gerrit

qisrc.review. fetch_gerrit_hook_ssh ( path , username , server , port=None )

Fetch the commit-msg hook from gerrit

qisrc.review. check_gerrit_connection ( username , server , ssh_port=29418 )

Check that the user can connect to gerrit with ssh

qisrc.review. ask_gerrit_username ( server , ssh_port=29418 )

Run a wizard to try to configure gerrit access If that fails, ask the user for its username If that fails, give up and suggest upload the public key

qisrc.review. get_gerrit_username ( server , ssh_port )

Get the username to use when using code review. Read it from the config file, or ask it and check it works

qisrc.review. setup_project ( project )

Setup a project for code review: If there is Remote configured for code review, using the ssh protocol, use it to fetch the gerrit commit-msg hook

qisrc.review. push ( project , branch , bypass_review=False , dry_run=False , reviewers=None , topic=None )

Push the changes for review. Unless review is False, in this case, simply update the remote gerrit branch :param reviewers: A list of reviewers to invite to review

qisrc.review. set_reviewers ( refs , reviewers , username , server , ssh_port )

Set reviewers using gerrit set-reviewers command :param refs: A list of references to patchsets , can be SHA1s or Change-Ids :param reviewers: A list of Gerrit reviewers, username or group name, no e-mails