qisrc.manifest – Parsing manifest files

Set of tools to parse qisrc manifests


class qisrc.manifest. Manifest ( manifest_xml , review=True )

Manifest Class

change_config ( func )

Decorator for every function that changes the configuration

load ( )

(re)-parse the xml configuration file

set_remote ( repo , remote_name )

Set the remote of a repo from the list. Assume all the remotes have already been read.

dump ( )

write the xml configuration file

get_repos ( groups=None , get_all=False )

Get the repositories inside the given group * If there is a default group, returns projects

from the default group, unless get_all is True, then return all the projects
get_repo ( project )

Get a repository given the project name (foo/bar.git)

get_remote ( name )

Get a remote given the name

add_remote ( *args , **kwargs )

Add a new remote to the manifest.

add_repo ( *args , **kwargs )

Add a new repo to the manifest.

remove_repo ( *args , **kwargs )

Remove a repo from the manifest

configure_group ( *args , **kwargs )

Configure a group

remove_group ( *args , **kwargs )

Remove a group from the manifest


class qisrc.manifest. RepoConfig

RepoConfig Class


a Remote object


the relative path where this repository should be cloned in the worktree


the name of the git project, the full url will be computed by joining the remote url and the project name


the default branch of this project. Should match a branch in the remote


whether the project is under code review. Set during parsing