qipkg.builder - Building packages

Builder for pml files

class qipkg.builder. PMLBuilder ( pml_path , worktree=None )

Build a package from a pml file


Stage Path

load_pml ( pml_path )

Load Pml

configure ( )

Configure every project

build ( )

Build every project

install ( destination , install_tc_packages=False )

Install every project to the given destination

deploy ( url )

Deploy every project to the given url

package ( *args , **kwargs )

Generate a package containing every project. :param: with_breakpad generate debug symbols for usage with breakpad :param: force make package even if it does not satisfy default package requirements :param install_tc_packages also install toolchain packages

qipkg.builder. pkg_name ( manifest_xml )

Return a string name-version.

qipkg.builder. desc_from_builder ( builder )

Desc From Builder