qibuild.config – Managing qiBuild config files

Read and write qibuild XML configuration files



A class to represent qibuild XML configuration

Typical usage is:

             qibuild_cfg = QiBuildConfig()

# Then every config key is usable using objects
# or dictionnaries:
build_dir = qibuild_cfg.local.build.build_dir,
win32_config = qibuild_cfg.configs['win32-vs2010']
cmake_generator = win32_config.cmake.generator

ide = IDE()
ide.name = "QtCreator"
ide.path = "/path/to/qtcreator"


qibuild_cfg.local.defaults = "win32-vs2010"

# save defaults in local xml file:

class qibuild.config. QiBuildConfig

A class to represent both local and global qibuild.xml configuration files.

read ( cfg_path=None , create_if_missing=False )

Read from a config location.

read_local_config ( local_xml_path )

Apply a local configuration.

write_local_config ( local_xml_path )

Dump local settings to a xml file.

set_active_config ( config )

Merge various configs from <defaults> and the selected <config > tag.

set_default_config ( name )

Set a new config to use by default.

set_default_ide ( name )

Set a new IDE to use by default.

set_default_editor ( editor )

Set a new editor to use by default (Useful for qibuild config –edit).

add_config ( config )

A a new config to the list.

add_ide ( ide )

Add a new IDE to the list.

add_to_default_path ( to_add )

Add a path to the default env path.

add_worktree ( path )

Add Worktree

get_server_access ( server_name )

Return the access settings of a server.

set_server_access ( server_name , username , password=None , root=None )

Configure access to a server.

get_default_config_for_worktree ( worktree_path )

Return the default configuration associated with the given worktree.

set_default_config_for_worktree ( worktree_path , name )

Set the default configuration for the given worktree.

set_host_config ( config_name )

Set the config used to build host tools.

get_host_config ( )

Get the config to use when looking for host tools.

write ( xml_path=None )

Write back the new config.