qibuild.parsers – Parsers for qibuild actions

Functions defined in this module

qibuild.parsers. cmake_build_parser ( parser , group=None , with_build_parser=True )

CMake Build Parser

qibuild.parsers. project_parser ( parser , positional=True )

Parser settings for every action using several build projects.

qibuild.parsers. get_build_worktree ( args , verbose=True )

Get a build worktree to use from a argparse.Namespace object.

qibuild.parsers. get_build_projects ( build_worktree , args , solve_deps=True , default_all=False )

Get a list of build projects to use from an argparse.Namespace object. Useful when you do not need a CMakeBuilder. You can choose whether or not to solve the dependencies.

qibuild.parsers. get_one_build_project ( build_worktree , args )

Get one build project from the command line. (zero or one project name may be specified).

qibuild.parsers. get_dep_types ( args , default=None )

Get a list of dep types from the command line.

qibuild.parsers. get_cmake_builder ( args , default_dep_types=None )

Get a CMakeBuilder object from the command line.