Developer Center v1 Release note ("Opening Night")

Release Note Illustration

We previously released a preview of the Developer Center website (“Early birds”) in April and we release its first public version (“Opening Night”) on May the 16h.

We do thank you for your reactions and feedback which was taken into account and helps us improve the developer experience.

Developer Center General Overview

Developer Center is a website dedicated to developers and proxy (prospect, lead tech...) committed to developing robot applications for Pepper and NAO.

Developer Center aims at providing all the necessary materials for them to fulfil their mission at best and to increase their theoretical and practical knowledge about SBR robots, OS, methods and tools.

Reference documentation, Software, lessons and blog posts are therefore available via the Developer Center.

"Opening Night" Release Summary

This first public release now features (in addition to the elements previously implemented):

  • NAO 6 and Pepper (NAOqi 2.5) documentation;
  • New content including a new type: lessons;
  • The definitive URL:;
  • The removal of the IP restriction;
  • New Front-End features: search engine, search results, pushes to related contents from a robot main page, thematic navigation, giving feedback on lessons, enrichment of the UI (animated particles), embed media players;
  • New Back-End features: lessons integration, mass integration of new contents, mass integration of NAOqi documentation, SOLR search engine configuration.

Contact: SBRE DevC

Team DevC
The DevC Core Team
A team of dedicated website PM, Senior Expert Developer and Editorial Coordinator


In keeping with our commitment to do the best, we are eager to know your reactions and feedbacks. Please fulfil this survey, leading comments could impact the remedial actions and forward versions.