• Support host tools when cross-compiling. (See Using host tools for cross compilation )
  • Fix setting PYTHONHOME on Mac.
  • Add qibuild info to display information about a qibuild project
  • Add qibuild list-profiles
  • qibuid run :
    • Fix running arbitrary commands
    • Ask when several matching binaries are found instead of raising
    • Use os.execve to better handle ctrl-c
  • qibuid add-config : preserve environment settings
  • qibuid install, qibuid deploy : add --no-packages . This makes it possible to install or deploy only the projects, ignoring the packages in the toolchain
  • qibuid install, qibuid deploy : fix bug when installing test component.
  • qibuid wizard : do not prompt for a toolchain to use by default, but for a build config
  • qibuid package : fix using --release
  • Check top CMakeLists.txt file for correctness


  • Install .confintl files too


  • qipkg make-package now checks the package for correctness first. You can use qipkg make-package --force to bypass the checks
  • Add qipkg validate-package to check if a package is compliant with QA
  • Add qipkg release-package to obfuscate Python code from the package
  • qipkg deploy-package : do not try to remove non installed applications


  • qipy bootstrap : read requirements.txt to install dependencies inside the virtualenv.
  • qipy list : sort projects by name


  • Parallelize qisrc sync . By default, use as many threads as the number of CPUs. You can use qisrc sync -j<n> to change the number of threads used.
  • Fix using qisrc create outside a worktree
  • qisrc create : fix crash when output dir is inside template path
  • qisrc status : add option -S / --short to display status only for dirty projects
  • qisrc list : fix specifying a pattern
  • qisrc checkout : fix return code when checkout fails
  • qisrc push : always notify the maintainer. Also fix using bare names or team names in the --cc argument.
  • qisrc log : display authors of commits


  • qisys.archive : add support for symlinks in zips.


  • qitest run : implement --build-prefix
  • Add qitest collect : this makes it possible to run Python tests with qitest .
  • Add qitest run --repeat-until-fail <n> option to help find sporadic test failures
  • Fix bug where qitest working directory was set to an empty string in some corner cases


  • qitoolchain remove : do not silently update build configurations


  • Minimal required version is now CMake 2.8.12. This means Ubuntu 12.04 is no longer supported, please upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 or later
  • if qi_swig_wrap_python or qi_swig_wrap_java is used and swig is not found, trigger an error instead of a warning
  • start next development
  • Don’t create test helpers if QI_WITH_TESTS is OFF
  • cmake: find modules in qibuild/cmake/modules after the ones in the toolchain packages
  • qi_stage_bin : create install rule for -config.cmake file
  • Add qi_create_gmock to create tests using gmock library.
  • Add qi_add_bin_sdk
  • qi_sanitize_compile_flags :
    • disable MSVC warnings about DLL interface and template usage.
    • Add /bigobj for MSVC 64 bits
  • Modules:
    • Fix PTHREAD finder for 64 bits on windows