• Add urxvt-unicode-256color as a possible value for $TERM when trying to figure out whether color output should be enabled
  • Setting terminal title now works on Mac and Windows
  • Add XDG base directory support
  • Add option --home to every command to choose the path to global config files.
  • Add a package for the Nix package manager in contrib/ . This enables testing qibuild in an isolated environment with or without its dependencies.


  • Unify build configs: now a build config has a name, a toolchain and a list of profiles. A build dir matches exactly one build config. Build directories are the same when building in release or in debug.

    To do the transition, you should create at least one config per toolchain, for instance:

                   qibuild add-config nao --toolchain atom --profile nao

    Then use

                   qibuild configure -c nao

    As a consequence, the -p, --profile option is gone, and --release can only be used for qibuild configure

  • Add qibuild add-config , qibuild list-configs , qibuild rm-config

  • qibuild clean : fix when using remote profiles

  • qibuild init : honor -w, --worktree option

  • Re-implement setting a custom build prefix. (The feature was gone since qibuild 3.0)

    To use this feature, write something like:

      <build prefix="my-build" />

    in /path/to/worktree/.qi/qibuild.xml

    You can also use --build-prefix in your calls to qibuild configure , qibuild make and so on.

    Note that the old syntax, using <build build_dir="my-build> is no longer supported.

    Also note that the build directories that will be created will be like <prefix>/<project>/<build-dir> instead of <prefix>/<build-dir>/project

  • Changes in handling dependencies to packages in the toolchain:

    • CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH is set in the dependencies.cmake file, no longer in the generated toolchain file

    • Optionally use qiproject.xml information instead of adding every path of every package in CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH

      (This behavior is triggered by setting the QIBUILD_STRICT_DEPS_RESOLUTION environment variable for now, but will be the default in the next release)

  • qibuild find : fix return code when no CMake module is found

  • Fix using -j with Visual Studio generators.

  • Include toolchain paths in path.conf

  • qibuild : generate qitest.json file also after building

  • Store default config for worktree in the global config file ( ~/.config/qi/qibuild.xml )

  • qibuild deploy : make specifying user and port optional (this allows to specify them in ~/.ssh/config)

  • Put staged directories with qi_stage_dir first in path.conf



  • Fail when non-translated messages are found ( qilinguist release learned --allow-untranslated-messages to get back the old behavior)
  • qilinguist release can also work with .pml files.
  • qilinguist list : sort by project name


  • qipkg deploy-package : Remove previous instance before installing
  • Add qipkg bump-version
  • qipkg make-package /path/to/pml : also works when not in a worktree
  • qipkg make-package : handle translations files from .pml
  • Make it possible to use qipkg without a worktree
  • Stop generating .mpkg files when using .mpml files. Instead generate several .pkg
  • qipkg install PML_PATH DEST : add --pkg to generate and install .pkg files to the given destination
  • qipkg install : also install the manifest


  • Raise when empty projects are found


  • qisrc rebase : several fixes
    • Only work on forked projects
    • Fix computation of git status before trying the rebase
    • Prettier output
  • qisrc create : add -i,--template-path argument. This allows users to create their own templates
  • qisrc create : better handling of "/" in argument
  • qisrc grep : fix using git grep options such as qisrc grep -- -i foo
  • qisrc sync : fix return code when some projects are skipped
  • Implements qisrc sync --reset
  • qisrc init , qisrc sync : fix return code when cloning new repositories fails
  • qisrc init : re-implement --no-review , which was gone since 3.0
  • Fix using qisrc checkout --force when not on a branch
  • Fix using qisrc init --worktree
  • qisrc checkout --force : fix when not on any branch


  • Implement qitest run --break-on-failure
  • Fix error messages in some corner cases
  • Fix several race conditions when using -j
  • Implement qitest run --root-output-dir to store generated XML files outside the sdk directory
  • Allow using --all or --use-deps


  • No longer writes files in ~/.cache/qi/toolchains
  • Also remove package files when a package is removed from the feed
  • qitoolchain add-package : support legacy format
  • Allow including or excluding files with masks when installing packages
  • Add qitoolchain make-package , qitoolchain extract-package
  • Packages can now have a target and host attributes


  • swig/python.cmake : workaround some CMake bug
  • modules:
    • ogre : search in the right PATH_SUFFIX
    • Add v4l
    • Add Qt5X11Extras
    • Add Qt5OpenGL
    • Add gmp , mpfr , raptor , rasqual , redland , gpg-error , gcrypt , libtool , libdb , libxslt , c-ares , cgos
    • Support opencv 2.4.10
  • qi_swig_wrap_python : handle lower case DEPENDS arguments
  • qi_install_python : fix default destination on Windows
  • qt-tools : add qi_set_qt_plugin_properties