• Fix qibuild deploy --split-debug
  • qibuild depend : rename --single to --direct
  • Allow using qibuild make --release -G 'Visual Studio'
  • Allow qibuild init to work in non-empty directories


  • Add qisrc log , qisrc diff to see the differences from an other branch of the manifest
  • Add qisrc rebase to rebase on top of an other branch of the manifest
  • qisrc checkout now creates the local branch at the correct location
  • qisrc grep honors --build-deps option
  • qisrc reset
    • --clean is gone, you can run qisrc foreach git clean if needed
    • less verbose
    • checkout branches to the correct location
    • better display of errors
    • without argument, only run on the build project and its dependencies. To get back the old behavior, use qisrc reset --all
  • qisrc sync now fetches even when the project is dirty


  • qipkg deploy-package : do not hardcode user name
  • Raise when projects are not found


  • Give access to global site-packages


    You will have to recreate a virtualenv with

                    qipy clean -f
    qipy bootstrap

    for this change to be effective

  • Fix prefix parameter for install method

  • Fix error message when bootstrap has not been called yet

  • qipy list : display project paths too


  • qitjest.json and test files reports are in build/sdk instead of build/
  • Fix qitest run --coverage
  • Fix crash when generating XML on Windows when tests have not been built
  • Prefer --qitest-json over default config.
  • Allow specifying build config arguments such as --config


  • Rewrite qitoolchain add-package , qitoolchain import-package
    • Do not try to do any guesses
    • Generate better -config.cmake files
    • Ask less questions
  • Add qibuild gen-cmake-module


  • Fix Qt4Macros usage with CMake 3.0
  • Avoid filenames with double slashes when installing
  • Never install .pyc or __pycache__ files
  • USB_1 : extend include location list
  • qt_tools : allow reading plugins path from QT_PLUGINS_PATH
  • Modules: Add boost_iostream


  • qipy : generate a path.conf for each virtualenv
  • path.conf now contains every sdk directory of the worktree
  • qicd : use difflib to find closest matches