• Include test dependencies in <build>/dependencies.cmake This allows you to declare gtest as a testtime dependency only. (No need for it to be a buildtime dependency)

  • Fix using qibuild make-host-tools --release and other similar build or configure options.

  • Add qibuild get-licenses to get the licenses used by the project. In order to work, there should be a <license> tag in the qiproject.xml or the qipackage.xml file, like this:

                   <!-- in package.xml -->
    <package name="foo" version="0.1">
    <!-- in qiproject.xml -->
    <project version="3">
      <qibuild name="foo" />



  • qipy bootstrap : prettier output
  • qipy bootstrap : add --no-site-packages
  • qipy bootstrap : add -p, --python to create a virtualenv with a custom interpreter


  • Fix using relative paths with qisrc init
  • qisrc push : When the project is not under code review, warn and ask the user if he is sure before running git push . You can use the -y option to disable this check.
  • qisrc push can now only be used on one git project. (Previously you could run qisrc push --all , but that was deemed to dangerous)
  • qisrc push : project arguments are no longer positional. This means you should use qisrc push --project foo instead of qisrc push foo
  • qisrc push displays reviewers before notifying them.
  • Fix using qisrc checkout after qisrc init --no-review
  • qisrc status displays commits ahead/behind even when a project is dirty.
  • qisrc rm-group : fix when trying to remove a default group


  • qitoolchain convert-package : Properly raises an NotImplementedError when used with an .rpm file
  • Fix bug when a package is both listed as a normal package and as a subversion package in the feed.
  • Read package metadata from package.xml , not the feed. This makes it possible to use cross-toolchains packages or packages that set compile flags without a feed.
  • Add qitoolchain svn-status to display status of subversion packages in the given toolchain


  • qi_stage_lib : do not call find_library in the generated -config.cmake files
  • Add Qt5Svg
  • qt5-tools : fix some bugs occurring during cross-compilation
  • qi_generate_qt_conf : only set Plugins , Qml2Imports Translations , not Prefix