Command line

  • Add qisrc maintainer

  • Fix qibuild clean -z behavior

  • Fix a bug where qbibuild make could create recursive symlinks

  • qibuild clean learned -x to remove build directories that match no known configurations

  • qibuild deploy now accepts url matching [[login]@]url[:[relative/path]] or url parseable with urlparse beginning with ssh:// only

  • qibuild deploy no longer accepts a --port option, specify the port inside the url instead:

                   # old
    qibuild deploy --port 23 user@host:path/to/remote/dir
    # new
    qibuild deploy ssh://user@host:32/full/path/to/remote/dir
  • qibuild deploy : project is no more a positional argument

  • Positional url is no more mandatory in qibuild deploy , and you can now deploy to several urls at once

  • qibuild create no longer exists, use qisrc create instead


  • qi_add_test now also accepts a package name as test binary
  • qibuild cmake modules:
    • add boost-python
    • python-config.cmake now longer searches or python2.6, and does not look for python_d even when building in debug. (this is required to make boost-python work when using Visual Studio)
    • bug fix when using find_package twice with a CMake module calling pkg_search_module (for instance with qi_add_optional_package )
    • Implement qi_stage_script which was present but empty.


  • Add qisrc.maintainer to manage maintainers from qiproject.xml
  • Add qisys.ui.indent_iterable to indent list or any iterable
  • qibuild.parsers.project_parser learn positional
  • Add qibuild.deploy.action.find_rsync_or_scp
  • qibuild.deploy.parse_url return a dict