Command line

  • Add qilinguist .
  • qisrc reset learn --fetch and --no-fetch .
  • qisrc snapshot learn --fetch , --no-fetch and --tag .
  • qisrc list learn --with-path .
  • qisrc grep learned -path .
  • qisrc clean learned -z to clean build dir through toolchains and profiles.
  • qibuild test : learned --ncpu to restrict the number of CPUs a test can use using taskset if available



  • Add qisrc.sync.get_toplevel_git_projects to ignore submodules in a project list.
  • Add functions for handle build projects in qibuild and remove them from qisys.worktree .
    • qibuild.project.is_buildable .
    • qibuild.project.build_projects .
  • Add functions for handle git projects from qisys.worktree to qisrc.git .
    • qisrc.git.is_git .
    • qisrc.git.get_git_projects .
  • qibuild.parsers.build_parser has been split.
    • qisrc.parsers.build_type_parser is for know the type of build and so the name of the build directory.
    • qisrc.parsers.build_parser extend the previous one and add option for build projects (as -j ).
  • Remove qibuild.archive use qisys.archive instead.
  • Add qibuild.toc.get_build_folder_name to get the name of a build directory from some information.
  • Add qibuild.toc.Toc.get_build_folder_name to get the name of the build directory from a toc.
  • Remove qibuild.toc.set_build_folder_name and qibuild.toc.Toc.build_folder_name
  • Add qibuild.toc.has_project .