Command line

  • Lots of bug fixes for Xcode
  • Do not force CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to be all upper-case. Now CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE equals (“Debug” or “Release”). Note that the build folder name did not change (It’s still build-<config>-release when using qibuild configure –release )
  • Do not fail if default config is non existent
  • qitolchain : now can set cmake generator from the feed.
  • qitolchain : preserve permissions when using .zip packages on Linux and Mac
  • Mechanism to copy dlls inside the build directory and create the symlinks at the end of the compilation is now done by the qibuild executable, and NOT from the CMakeList .
  • qibuild help : sort available actions by name
  • qibuild test : small bug fix for --test-name
  • qibuild config --wizard : fix unsetting build dir or sdk dir
  • qibuild config --wizard: : fix generator discovery for cmake 2.8.6 under windows
  • qibuild configure : nicer error message when cmake segfaults
  • qibuild configure : learned --debug-trycompile option
  • qibuild package : learned --include-deps option
  • qidoc : fix for archlinux
  • qibuild configure : learned use -c system where there is a default config in their current worktree but user still wants to use no toolchain.
  • Added qitoolchain import-package to import binary packages into a cross-toolchain.


  • Added qi_sanitize_compile_flags
  • qi_use_lib Now sorts and remove duplicates of include dirs
  • qi_stage_lib : learned CUSTOM_CODE keyword
  • qi_stage_bin is now implemented
  • qi_stage_header_only_lib using DEPENDS did not work
  • qi_stage_lib : changed the way STAGED_NAME works.
  • qi_use_lib : optimized dependency handling
  • swig/python : keep number of include dirs reasonable
  • target get rid of ‘STAGE’ args for qi_create_* functions
  • install : support for macosx bundles
  • qibuild cmake modules:
    • added qtopengl, qtmultimedia, qt_phonon, eigen3, iphlpapi
    • now using upstream FindQt4.cmake to find qt when qmake is in PATH.
    • now using using FindBoost.cmake
    • zeromq: add dependency on RT for linux
    • libevent: add dependency on RT for linux


  • add qibuild.sh.change_cwd
  • add qibuild.sh.is_executable_binary
  • qisrc.git : rewrite
  • qibuild.cmdparse.run_action : allow adding --quiet-commands
  • add qitoolchain.binary_package : provide functions to open binary packages
  • add qitoolchain.binary_package.core : abstract class for binary package provided by standard Linux distribution
  • add qitoolchain.binary_package.gentoo : binary package class for Gentoo package (does not depends on portage )
  • add qitoolchain.binary_package.gentoo_portage : binary package class for Gentoo package taking benefit from portage
  • qibuild.archive.extract , :py:func: qibuild.archive.extract_zip , qibuild.archive.extract_tar : add quiet keyword argument allowing non-verbose extraction
  • qibuild.archive.extract_tar : fix archive name guessing
  • qibuild.interact : add get_editor function


  • lots of documentation updates