Pepper at WeAreDevelopers 2019

Pepper at WeAreDevelopers 2019

SoftBank Robotics Europe was present at the “We Are Developers” conference in Berlin last week!

It was an opportunity to introduce Pepper to some new developers through two Workshops on Chatbots, in which we showed developers how to design a dialog from a use case. In live coding, we showed how you could use QiChat to turn a silent Pepper into an interactive-but-annoying robot, and then into an interactive-and-informative robot.

As a use case, we took an airport, and the attendees got to vote on:

  • What role Pepper would take exactly;
  • What kind of questions she would have to handle.

... and based on that, they saw pepper progressively come to life.

Apart from these workshops, it was also a nice opportunity to exchange with developers from other companies, many of which had cool Android functionalities that could be integrated into an application on Pepper: Flutter, Slack, MongoDB, etc.