Pepper Solitaries Loop

How to attract people with loops of animation
Pepper Solitaries Loop

SoftBank Robotics Labs is a set of public SBR projects (experimental code snippets, helper libraries, etc.) hosted on GitHub for anybody developing for Pepper and NAO.

This library makes Pepper run animations when nobody is around to attract people's attention. We implemented this library in a sample project to show you how it works.

You can use this library in association with Autonomous Abilities to make an even more lively robot!

You can define the frequency of the animations to run. By default, this value is set to 60 seconds. We advise you not to set this value below 30 seconds or the robot might be too stimulating or even a bit annoying...

You can start and stop the solitaries animations loop whenever you want.

In the sample app, the loop starts when no one is detected around the robot, and it stops when the robot detects someone.

Getting Started

For more details on this project, please go and see the project on Github.