[Deprecated] Pepper QiSDK - OS 2.9.3 Release Note

[Deprecated] Pepper QiSDK - OS 2.9.3 Release Note

Version and links

/!\ 2.9.4 was released on Dec. 2019, see the latest QiSDK Release Note

NAOqi 2.9.3 is compatible with QiSDK API level 4 and above. To make your old applications compatible with NAOqi 2.9.3, you can build a new version of the application by updating the used QiSDK version. No additional change in the code source will be required.














The development tools follow a much faster release pace, so make sure you follow their updates on the documentation.

As of 09/08/2019, latest versions are:

Documentation of the SDK is available at developer.softbankrobotics.com

New features and bug fixes since 2.9.2

  • New Upper Body Detection: Pepper will see from farther and track better! Also, the tracked human is reflected in code, to the "engaged human".
  • New animation editor in Android Studio
  • New localization setup app and library: improve people detection using lasers to better notice movements.
  • Improved pronunciation of long sentences
  • Reworked Head/Tablet connection: apps will get the onRobotFocusGained faster
  • Audio improvements: the sound preprocessing is more efficient. Also, a new framework has been integrated to allow using other ASRs.
  • Overall speeds to load, build and run actions over time has been improved
  • Numerous bug and security fixes, especially on Android and the upgrade process
  • A bug where Pepper would drive fast randomly was corrected
  • In the emulator settings, you can now select the graphics acceleration type
  • there are new Chat and Listen constructors to handle 3rd-party ASRs such as iFlyTek in China
  • more robust QiSDK registration, correcting, in particular, the log "QiSDK already initialized"
  • Kiosk Client (v1.3.0) features a new combination to exit kiosk mode

In addition to the robot system, follow the updates of the development tools here.

Documentation improvements

  • New sections about Design and about the Animation Editor.
  • Added graphical specification of the SpeechBar in Conversation Feedbacks.
  • Improved tips & tricks in Autonomous Abilities section: use BodyLanguageOption to freeze screen location while speaking or listening.
  • Adding guidance about ‘not understood’ cases management in BaseChatbot, and Managing not understood cases
  • Improved explanation of the Variable: $ usage.
  • More guidance about QiChatbot recommendations:
  • New section about Chat topics: Managing default and multiple languages.
  • New tutorials: Mastering Chat locale and Detect humans with localization.
  • New sections: Tags for Text To Speech engines and Installation Troubleshooting.


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