2.9.5 Market Release is out!

Market Release of the latest Pepper QiSDK OS (Naoqi 2.9.5) and Android Plugin (1.5.3)
2.9.5 Market Release is out!

Current versions

Current NAOqi version of the system is
NAOqi 2.9.5 is compatible with QiSDK API level 3 and above.
If you want to be able to benefit from the new APIs of QiSDK API level 7, robotify your application with API 7. The latest versions are:

  • Android Studio Pepper Plugin 1.5.3
  • QiSDK 1.7.5
  • IDE tools

This update is automatically deployed on robots running Naoqi 2.9 (Android version) configured to receive updates. A notification appears in the top bar to inform users that the update is available.

There is no automatic update of NAOqi. To get the update, users must manually start it from the android settings. Tutorial on how to install the update is available here.

If the latest NAOqi version is not available in the android settings, contact the Support team.

New Features and bug fixes

This update comes with new navigation features and a lot of bug fixes.

  • NAOqi 2.9.5 adds back the compatibility with the Charging Station. An Android Application named Autonomous Recharge is needed to use it. It will be available on Command Center soon.
  • The GoTo over long distances (more than 25 meters) has been improved.
  • Navigation capabilities have been improved.
  • It is now possible to load bigger Exploration Maps (up to 100MB) using StreamableBuffer (builder and serializer available).
  • Developers can get a visualization of the map the robot has built of its surroundings (documentation).
  • Developers can extend a map that has been previously built (documentation).
  • You will find helpful links to the documentation here, in the What's new section and to the Known issues.

In order to benefit from those new features and bug fixes you will have to :

  • Update your robot to + 4 Additional Packages.
    These Additional packages have to be installed by restarting the robot after the update with Pepper connected to the Internet.
    So please make sure to reboot the robot after updating the system.
    It will be the same after a Factory Reset.
    Please note that the installation of these 4 packages is mandatory to be in the only 2.9.5 MR supported configuration.

  • Robotify your application with API 7 (procedure below).

Install the new Pepper Plugin 1.5.3 in Android Studio

New Features

  • It is now possible to connect to Pepper's tablet (without connecting to the head with the password). A fourth purple button has been added to the toolbar.
  • Install Android Studio Emulator automatically.
  • Use the latest available tools by default (not the one with which you have robotified your project).


  1. On Android Studio: File > Settings > Plugins > Look for "Pepper SDK"
  2. Install or update Pepper SDK Plugin 1.5.3
  3. Click on “Restart IDE”

The latest available tools are used by default to ensure the connection to Robot Viewer regardless of the API level defined during the robotification of the project.
However, note that it assumes that the robot has the latest version of NAOqi installed ( if API 7 is installed).

If needed, to work with an older version of NAOqi on the robot, it is possible to set manually the version of the tools:

  1. From Android Studio choose File > Settings….
  2. Select Tools > Pepper Plugin Settings sub-menu.
  3. Select the relevant tool version.

New APIs to install

The new API 7 (QiSDK 1.7.5) is available in the Robot SDK Manager in Android Studio :

  1. Install the QiSDK, Tools and AVD through the Robot SDK Manager by selecting “API 7” (QiSDK version 1.7.5 and tools version
  2. To use the new version, robotify your project again with API 7 (File --> New --> Robot Application --> API 7 --> OK)

Documentation improvements


  • Issue #1: Not able to load more than 127 elements in DynamicConcept (JNI references limitation on the tablet)
    Workaround: Split the list of phrases to load in smaller pieces (a list of 100 phrases maximum), that could be loaded sequentially.
    Example: Instead of creating a gigantic Phrase list and adding it to the editablePhraseSet just do as following:
`EditablePhraseSet edPhraseSet = 
List<Phrase> phrases = new ArrayList<>();
... // here fill the phrases list with some Phrases. /!\ With a list ("phrases" here) of 100 phrases maximum
And then run:

then you could rerun edPhraseSet.addPhrases(phrases); with another phrases list (with 100 Phrase max) as much as you like.
  • Issue #2: Not able to run a QiChat Executor more than 7 times
    Workaround: Keep a reference to the qiChatBot and the QiChatExecutor in the running activity to keep the object alive on the Android side.

Bug Fixes since 2.9.4

  • ^stayInScope does not work with ^execute
  • aldebaran qisdk 1.6.7: issue with dynamic concepts
  • Head / tablet connection issue
  • QiChat input with events triggered several times
  • qiChatbot.scopeRecommendations works only the first time
  • Listening animations stop running (Arm frozen in Listening State)
  • Robot has crashed during multiple people being detected.
  • QiLocale hu_HU Hungarian is not supported in .withLocale(Locale) on Chat and QiChabot
  • Navigation bug fixes and improvements
  • Human detection and tracking improvements
  • Global time from onCreate to robot speaking/listening has been improved. Through QiSDK --> Need to robotify your project in android studio with API 7 (when QiSDK 1.7.5 is installed)
  • Dialog service crash while concurrently building several topics (async)
  • ConcurrentModificationException when removing multiple listeners of same type on different threads
  • The conversation signal "addOnListeningChangedListener" is not raised when the robot is listening
  • After a couple of successful listen, Pepper is in listening but doesn't detect any speech
  • call request could not be handled"
  • Fix deadlock when Android application uses all threads in threadpool

Main remaining known issues

  • Popup "Update Softbank Robotics applications have stopped", Visual Impact only. under investigation.
  • Relocalize with hint is not working with stereo localization (1.8 Pepper)
  • Known issues on documentation

In a nutshell

  • NAOqi 2.9.5
  • APIs 3 to 7
  • Android Studio Pepper Plugin 1.5.3
  • QiSDK 1.7.5

You can check the following documentation: What's new, known issues and Legal Notice.

The updated OS version is automatically available with your robot. If not, please contact the support team and for technical help, please select your part of the world and fill in the dedicated contact form