Pepper Point at

How to make Pepper point at specific directions
Pepper Point at

SoftBank Robotics Labs is a set of public SBR projects (experimental code snippets, helper libraries, etc.) hosted on GitHub for anybody developing for Pepper and NAO.

This library makes Pepper direct someone's attention towards something or indicate a particular direction. We implemented this library in a sample project to show you how it works.

With this library, you can choose between running a specific PointAtAnimation or giving the library a Frame to point at. The robot points in the target direction and gets back to its original position.

The sample app shows Pepper surrounded by more or less away emojis animals on the tablet. You can touch an emoji on the tablet or name the animal and Pepper points at its position around (i.e. the place where the animal may be in relation to the robot: just near in front of the robot, away behind, etc.).

This library is useful if you have made a map with points of interest and you want Pepper to point at them. For example, in a shopping mall, Pepper could point in the bathroom, the information center or a specific shop direction.

Getting Started

For more details on this project, please go and see the project on Github.