NAO's OS Release Note 2.8.7

A Reader's Digest about the NAOqi Release Note and relevant information for partners and developers.
NAO's OS Release Note 2.8.7

Current version

  • The current version of the system is
  • This NAOqi version is only compatible with NAO6

This version is available on ADE from W40, 2021.

The main new features are :

  • A brand new Robot Settings to easily configure NAO with contextual help, better accessibility and relevant notifications;
  • An alternative to ALMath for kinematics computations that better comply to recent python ecosystem evolutions.


  • A more detailled Release Note and the whole documentation are available here;
  • The main known issues solved by this release are listed in the Changelog;
  • The remaining known issues are listed here.


You can download the latest SDK, Robot Setting and Choregraphe for Linux, Windows and Mac on the Developer Center website.