Nao6 (NAOqi 2.8) 2.8.6 - Release Note

A Reader's Digest about the NAOqi Release Note and relevant information for partners and developers.
Nao6 (NAOqi 2.8) 2.8.6 - Release Note

NAOqi is the robot’s Operating System, the main software that runs on the robot and controls it. This public Release Note intends to give a brief review of the last notable changes impacting developers.

Current version and links

The current version of the system is

This NAOQi version is only compatible with NAO6

This version is going to be released W50 and aims at making NAO6 much more stable, as we realized it was falling too often. Animated speech and Signs&Feedbacks have been reworked so they don't impair the robot stability and maintain a high quality of Human-Robot interaction. Important fixes have been added to overcome AutonomousLife latencies, in particular when the robot is connected to a WiFi network without having access to the Internet.

Choregraphe and its virtual robot have also been robustified, with reworked boxes and a more responsive UI. A new way to measure sensors values has been implemented to get higher measure frequency.

The release is available on ADE from Monday, December 9th

The Downloads (SDK, Robot Setting and Choregraphe) are available on the Developer Center.

New features and bug fixes since 2.8.5

  • NAO listening sounds stop happening randomly
  • NAO doesn't fall anymore because of talking animations
  • NAO stops turning around while listening in the standing position
  • Upgrade qi-framework from 1.0.5 to 1.6.10
  • New logging system, all logs are now managed by a journal. You may need to redesign your logging systems
  • Blackbox2csv: New tool to extract sensor data from black boxes
  • Several deprecated APIs have been removed.
  • Choregraphe virtual robot is now functioning normally on windows 10
  • Choregraphe drag&drop boxes are now smooth
  • Several Choregraphe boxes have been fixed
  • BEWARE: the following boxes have been reworked and need to be updated in your 2.8.5 applications:
    • "Select Camera"
    • "Collision Display"
    • "Has Hardware"
    • “Battery”

Documentation improvements

  • Remove confusing & deprecated ALVideoDevice APIs
  • Remove confusing/broken low-level agility communication APIs
  • Remove ill-defined ALMotion.isCollision API

Main remaining known issues

  • #44415 ^goToReactivate makes a pause in the speech
  • #45083 Nao hears its own listening sounds
    Advice: avoid using Dialog/NotUnderstood events in your application, because it could be triggered by those sounds
  • #45074 Nao jumps backwards
    There is a bug in stand up action when AutonomousLife is off and only Breath is enabled. Please avoid working in this configuration
  • #45119 NAO is unable to contact the server
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Thomas RENY
Field Application Engineer (FAE)


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