The education tool Open Roberta, a coding platform for kids

Discovering Open Roberta, a block programming tool that makes coding and learning fun
The education tool Open Roberta, a coding platform for kids

NAO can assist teachers to meet pedagogical objectives like reading, writing, problem-solving and natural-born language. With a simple programming tool pupils uplift their learning experience in multidisciplinary projects.

This alternative to Scratch and Blockly provides different program blocks to give instructions to the robot's motors and sensors. Thanks to its graphical programming language NEPO®, the project Open Roberta, enables pupils from the age of 8 to program robots without any prior knowledge.
Children, teenagers and adults worldwide intuitively program NAO and many other robots and microcontrollers. More than 300 000 programmers have already used the platform to build their NEPO programs via “drag and drop” and bring robots to life.

Main Features

The programming language of Open Roberta, NEPO® is made of block categorized as the Action, Sensors, Control, Logic, Math, Text, Colours, Variables, Functions, and Messages.

Open Roberta quick demo
A quick demo on Open Roberta Lab programming interface

The table below gives the main characteristics.

Open Roberta main characteristics



NAOqi OS Compatibility

NAO6 (NAOqi 2.8), NAO v5-v4 (NAOqi 2.1)




based on blockly

Project file format


IDE language


Interaction language

All robot languages

Programing language

Blockly boxes

Programming Languages for Code Generation

Python Code

Need internet

Robot Communication way

Connect with identification token through internet


Based on a token given by the robot and unique

Animation Library

AI support



Object recognition

NAO Marks

Face recognition

Compute and Math operations


Guidelines, starting doc

Online tutorials and settings

As a german education initiative, led by Fraunhofer IAIS, it comes with comprehensive documentation.

The online video channel of German STEM initiative "Roberta" by Fraunhofer IAIS, Episode # 5 The Humanoid NAO Robot - Youtube, 9:32, German with English subtitles.

In addition, the [Open Roberta Wiki]( provides all information needed and program to install (General Info, Set Up, Programming, FAQ).

How to connect NAO to Open Roberta

Connecting NAO is very easy:

  • First upload a program from the SoftBank Robotics store on Nao6 (NAOqi 2.8) and Nao v5-v4 (NAOqi 2.1),
  • Then get NAO a token by pressing one of the head sensors.
    Pressing one of NAO's head sensors provides NAO a token. NAO spells out the token, be ready to note it down.
  • Got to Open Roberta Lab and select NAO as your system by clicking on the robot's icon,
  • Finally, enter the NAO token into the token field of the Open Roberta HMI and click on OK.
    Now you get NAO connected to the programming session in the Open Roberta Lab!

Open Roberta HMI to get NAO connected
To connect NAO to Open Roberta Lab click on the robot's icon in the menu and type the token into the token field.

See also the Fraunhofer Wiki on programming NAO with Open Roberta.

A toolkit suitable for classroom

Teachers should be convinced that NAO is an added value in their project since Open Roberta is so simple to use for them and for pupils. Indeed, using Open Roberta with NAO in the classroom combines basic education skills and programming.

Start your robotic project with all the good cards in your pupils’ hands!


Discover the Softbank Robotics textbooks for teachers & students, the most complete eBooks written to learn how to program NAO robot!

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