Developer Center v1.1 Release note

Developer Center v1.1 Release note

Developer Center v1.1 Release note

Developer Center General Overview

Developer Center is a website dedicated to developers and proxy (prospect, lead tech...) committed to developing robot applications for Pepper and NAO. Developer Center aims at providing all the necessary materials for them to fulfil their mission at best and to increase their theoretical and practical knowledge about SBR robots, OS, methods and tools. Reference documentation, Software, lessons and blog posts are therefore available via the Developer Center web-pages.


The CIO's Welcoming note

Welcome to DevCenter, a tech site made for robotics developers, focusing on the famous Pepper & NAO robots!

Our aim is to provide the official technical information so you can use your favourite robots to the best of their abilities, for whatever use case you can think of!

With this latest release, we enter a new cycle of quarterly updated content.

You will, of course, find the technical documentation, but also a lot of tools & tips, through theoretical lessons, practical tutorials, and articles.

This edition will give you the opportunity to develop your animation skills on your robot, with Animation Editors & Lottie.
In addition to the previous lessons about Conversation, you will be able to go further by mastering the robot's prosody.

Last but not least, we shared about our internal "API Challenge": you will learn how to plug various third-party technologies into Pepper.
To do so, you will follow the steps of an intern at SBRE, who tested solutions week after week, from scratch to effective demos!

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading and trying out our tools & tips as much as we did writing and sharing them!

Stay tuned for the next quarter release, with lots of content already under validation, and even some insight on our internal R&D.

We wish you a good reading, enjoy & take care.

Charles & DevCenter's team

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API Challenge

Quentin, an intern at SBRE, is plugging various third-party technologies (web services or IoT devices) into Pepper. For each technology, he has one week to test it, make a demo on Pepper, and write up his experience. This is a way of checking how easy it is to integrate technology with Pepper. _ Read Quentin's reports

And also...

Developer Center Release Summary

  • New FO features: Blog and lessons listings, Navigation page, tags and skills & contextual search, HTML fine tuning;
  • New BO features: Lessons import, MKD import fixes;
  • Fixes from security audit;
  • Bugs fixed

The Pepper QiSDK online release note is here: What's new

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Production Integration, Software CIO at SBRE
The DevC Core Team


In keeping with our commitment to do the best, we are eager to know your reactions and feedbacks.