Developer Center v0 Release note ("Early birds")

A website dedicated to developers of robot applications for Pepper and NAO
Developer Center v0 Release note ("Early birds")

Developer Center is eventually released on prod with a batch of minimum valuable features.

Developer Center General Overview

Developer Center is a website dedicated to developers and proxy (prospect, lead tech...) committed to developing robot applications for Pepper and NAO.

Developer Center aims at providing all the necessary materials for them to fulfil their mission at best and to increase their theoretical and practical knowledge about SBR robots, OS, methods and tools.

Reference documentation, Software, lessons and blog posts are therefore available via the Developer Center web-pages.

"Early Birds" Release Summary

Developer Center v0 is the first release on the production environment of the website. A batch of minimum valuable features are yet incremented:

  • Front Office (FO): validated UX, validated UI, the whole structure of the website (home page, robot selection, a specific product main page, topic navigation pages), reference documentation and a representative corpus of typical native contents (2 blog posts), links and pushes to related contents;
  • Back Office (BO): reference documentation and article import, media management, edition of clean contents URLs, Google Analytics basics.
  • A temporary URL:
  • Restricted access: Developer Center v0 targets a restricted and strategical audience (internal access granted to SBR only: SBR Europe, SBR Japan, SBR China, SBR Americas - IP filtered) in order to get feedback and validation.

Coming next v1 ("Opening Night")

The very next release of the increment provides new features (in addition to the elements listed above, scope v0). The scope of the next release is still subject to final approval, the elements below are given for information purposes only.

  • New FO features: research, search results, pushes to related contents from a robot main page, thematic navigation via a Navigation page and keywords (tags), giving feedback via a specific bloc, enrichment of the UI (animated particles), embed media players;
  • New BO features: lessons integration, mass integration of new contents, mass integration of NAOqi documentation, tags management, SOLR configuration;
  • The whole set of available native contents including lessons and new blog posts;
  • The definitive URL:;
  • The removal of the IP restriction.


In keeping with our commitment to do the best, we are eager to know your reactions and feedbacks. Please fulfil this survey, leading comments would impact the next release v1 ("Opening Night").

Contact: SBRE Developer Center Contact