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How to scan QR codes and barcodes with Pepper
Code Scanner

SoftBank Robotics Labs is a set of public SBR projects (experimental code snippets, helper libraries, etc.) hosted on GitHub for anybody developing for Pepper and NAO.

This library enables Pepper to read QR codes and barcodes. It is based on the Google Vision library. We implemented a sample project to show you how it works.

The tablet camera feed analyses either a QR code or a barcode. The library can equally :

  • Request an android Intent that launches a dedicated scanning activity,
  • Integrate a scanning Fragment in the app Activity.

The tablet camera feed displays accordingly.

The PepperCodeScanner library makes Pepper scan barcodes of shop items or QR codes on the badge of people attending an event.

Video demo: Pepper Code Scanner Demo - Youtube 0:27

Getting Started

For more details on this project such as the code of the library and all the instructions on how to run the sample app and use the library, please go and see the project on Github.