ArUco markers

How to localize and navigate
ArUco markers

SoftBank Robotics Labs is a set of public SBR projects (experimental code snippets, helper libraries, etc.) hosted on GitHub for anybody developing for Pepper and NAO.

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An Android library and a sample application help you integrate navigation and localization using ArUco markers only.

An ArUco marker is a synthetic square marker composed by a wide black border and an inner binary matrix which determines its identifier (id).

Some examples of ArUco markers
Some examples of ArUco markers

With the PepperAruco Android library, you will be able to detect Aruco markers around Pepper and use them as landmarks to navigate around the room. The markers can be placed anywhere, on the wall, floor or ceiling.
The PepperAruco library is only available for Pepper, with the QiSDK only.

Video demo: Pepper Robot - Aruco Navigation Example - Youtube 2:32

Getting Started

For more details on this project such as the code of the library, the sample app and all the instructions on how to run the sample app and use the library, please go and see the project on Github.