AL::ALModuleInfo Class Reference






ALModuleInfo is the class of information about user modules. More...

#include " alcommon/almoduleinfo.h "

Public Attributes

std::string name
int architecture
std::string ip
int port
int processId
bool isABroker
bool keepAlive

Detailed Description

ALModuleInfo is the class of information about user modules.

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Member Data Documentation

int AL::ALModuleInfo::architecture


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std::string AL::ALModuleInfo::ip

Broker IP

Definition at line 32 of file almoduleinfo.h .

bool AL::ALModuleInfo::isABroker

true if the module is link to a broker

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bool AL::ALModuleInfo::keepAlive

if false, automatically destroys broker when parent broker dies

Definition at line 36 of file almoduleinfo.h .

std::string AL::ALModuleInfo::name

Module name

Definition at line 30 of file almoduleinfo.h .

int AL::ALModuleInfo::port

Broker port

Definition at line 33 of file almoduleinfo.h .

int AL::ALModuleInfo::processId

Module unique ID

Definition at line 34 of file almoduleinfo.h .

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