Packaging a project

You may want to distribute a pre-compiled package for an other person to use. With qiBuild, this is easy.

Runtime package

Simply run:

             $ qibuild install --runtime foo /path/to/dest


This installs the foo project in /path/to/dest

The destination folder will by default contain only the runtime components (executables, dependent libraries, data ...)

You can then zip the destination folder to get a redistributable binary.

Development package

If you want to provide a pre-compiled package so that other people can compile their own software with it, run:

             $ qibuild package foo


The archive will contain the static libraries, the headers (provided you used the correct install rule), the CMake files, and so on.

Notes: dependencies will not be installed inside the devel package, because this package is supposed to be used inside a toolchain.

More on this in the Using toolchains tutorial.