Pepper takes to the stage


TeamLab are a cutting-edge experiential company who have done incredible work with Pepper exploring the boundaries of art, science, technology and design. 

Teamlab created something very special for the Pepper Tech Festival in 2014.

They implemented a mobile app for smartphones that used the flashlight and music feature of the phone – and could be synchronized from a central source. This meant that members of the audience could turn their smartphones into thousands of instruments to be played remotely by Pepper. 

Pepper was programmed to conduct the music and performance, standing on stage to conduct using an illuminated baton. The crowd were wowed by the music and collaborative event that followed. 

Despite the fact that thousands of people were involved in this beautiful event -  it seemed that Pepper stole the show. We guess that is the benefit of being the conductor. Or a cute robot. We’re not sure which. 

TeamLab reel

The show itself
Pepper meets TeamLab