Using NAO image recognition in Apps

NAO and Pepper have this awesome feature to recognize objects from a database of images. Sebastien Cagnon is here to show you how to use it. Sebastien has been a Behavior Architect at Aldebaran for 2 years, creating complex apps on NAO and Pepper. 

He is currently Head of Technical Support in Tokyo. Author of the blog ‘About Robot’, he regularly posts about the application creation process, and usually adds a ton of helpful resources ;) 

Apr 21 2016

Emotional Feedback in App Development

On September 3rd 2015 in Paris, a fascinating set of lectures were given by researchers from the fields of Social Robots Interactions and Human-Robot Interactions. 

Sep 8 2015

NAOqi 2.4.2 available for Pepper

This is the month of releases! On Tuesday 20th, we announced the release of NAOqi 2.1.4 for NAO. Today, it is Pepper’s turn to feel the goodness of NAOqi 2.4.2. 

Aug 21 2015

Meet Rodolphe Gelin

After 7 years working at Aldebaran, Rodolphe was recently appointed to the position of Chief Scientific Officer, an opportunity to learn more about his vision and Aldebaran future.

Q. Rodolphe can you start by telling us a bit about your background?

Apr 21 2014

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