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Developer Portal Launch and Google I/O 2016

Today SoftBank Robotics America (SBRA) invited developers to its new global Developer Portal to gain access to Pepper, the humanoid robot.

May 23 2016

NAO entertains Seniors - as Zora

Meet Zora - the NAO robot customized with brilliant new software from Zora Bots, to work in Senior Healthcare and Special education. 

May 18 2016

MGF 2016

SoftBank Robotics was at the Mobile Games Forum held in January 20th and 21st in London, Despite the usual format of the conference, Joan Da Silva, Aldebaran’s Content & Design Director expanded the conference

Jan 21 2016

Pepper App and Innovation Challenge

This year, SoftBank will hold the first annual Pepper App Challenge in additon to a Pepper Innovation Challenge. The winners will go...

Sep 21 2015

Emotional Feedback in App Development

On September 3rd 2015 in Paris, a fascinating set of lectures were given by researchers from the fields of Social Robots Interactions and Human-Robot Interactions. 

Sep 8 2015

NAOqi 2.4.2 available for Pepper

This is the month of releases! On Tuesday 20th, we announced the release of NAOqi 2.1.4 for NAO. Today, it is Pepper’s turn to feel the goodness of NAOqi 2.4.2. 

Aug 21 2015

NAO Mind Control and other great hacks

The purpose behind this epic Hackathon was simple. Let’s get a bunch of people together from various disciplines and backgrounds outside of Robotics sphere, and see how we can cross-pollinate ideas.

Jan 11 2015

Meet our Chief Scientific Officer

After 7 years working at Aldebaran, Rodolphe was recently appointed to the position of Chief Scientific Officer, an opportunity to learn more about his vision and Aldebaran future.

Jun 11 2014