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Pepper, Hello...Just dropping a quick message about the communications among machines has belong. Automation Industry 4.0

The fourth project is Install a supermarket chain store by automation; Cartel Food Supermarket Store, designed for Refrigerator Tablets and retailer customers.

The five project is open a new shopping mall with touch tone galleries. All the Retail Department Store will Display Galleries so every consumer can purchase production; products and services with the US Quarter Dollar Micro Electro Mechanical Coin structure.

The sixth project is IoT Technopop creative items for Entertainment. Open a Wireless Freestanding building designed has technopop for Casino Gambling. Open for service without Hotel rooms.

The seventh project is open a Metropolis Industrial Park of Machine for ELA. The Industrial will manufactured synthetic brand names and multiple production on the island. The Manufacturing Plant will offer a permanent employment and full retirements benefits.

The small city will have a International Airport. 

The smart city will have a tourist vacation stop on location.

The smart city will have private modern estates for lifestyles.

However, Pepper, I need your help for this automation construction, engineering, planning and development.

Thank You.

Maria Akiba via email. 

Dated; October 19, 2016 A.D.