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Raising Pepper[Game made in Unity3d]
  • Name: Raising Pepper
  • Is a Android Based Game, for your little Robot! Take charge, and raise your Pepper. Periodicly Pepper the Robot, will need to do various robot like Things, which you the Owner will Assist with, feeding, cleaning up after pepper and more.
  • This App will run on any Smartphone, and allow you to interacte with your "Pepper Bot" remotely, as well as directly infront of them. 
  • Inspired by the old Tamagotchis. "Raising Pepper" is both a Standalone, and Connected Game. Using a Auth Service, that Ties your Mobile Phone, and Pepper Bot together. Your able to Access, game features via the Pepper Voice Command. Or by Clicking on your Mobile Phone.
  • Basic Interactions
  • Play with Pepper
  • Feed Pepper
  • Clean up After Pepper
  • and Play very simple mini-games.
  • Gaining Levels, and Raising your Pepper Bot! 
  • Features
  • Player(Owner) and Pepper Profiles. 
  • Global Leaderboards
  • Complete Acheivements, and Challenges to unlock Special Suprises for your Pepper Bot!
  • Gain Titles for your Profile and your Pepper Bot`s Profile, via Compeletion of Challenges, and the Gaining of Acheivements.
  • Information about Game
  • I am still Looking into locating, a Partner, or Developer. To Work with for Testing with the Pepper Bot, Currently the Main Portion of the System that does not rely on the Pepper Bot or the APIs Associated too it. Is functioning, very very simple game, not even a game. Looking at a box. Pictures will Come soon. Once I`m able too, i`ll bridge the Pepper NPC and the Pepper Bot with the Service ^_^
  • This game/app is TBA and is Currently in Development. For more information please Contact me via PMs, or via this Topic here. 
  • For Developers, wanting to Help. Currently in Need of a Pepper Bot for Testing several Applicaitons. Hope to see some Replies.
  • ChangeLOG
  • v0.0.1 - Working Prototype, with Simple System Associated with Json Web Token. Player Profile, and Base Interactivity within Unity3d & the Web Service.
  • v0.0.2 - Functioning Leaderboards, and Acheivements System. Challenges are just Achievements but only gainable via Interaction.
  • v0.0.3 - Demo Example of Web Interface for Players to View Leaderboards, and Personal Profiles. Using a QR Code Login System, associated with a Cookie Token for Location Rememberence.
  • v0.0.4 - Base Interactivity with Pepper NPC within Unity3d. No Models, No Artwork, No Sound. Simplely focused on Functionality.
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Good evening BIO. Sounds neat. We are also both: Unity and Pepper Developers and can maybe help in some cases. Please contact me if you are interessted in some cooperation.