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Custom 3d Printed Accessories 4 Pepper by Wolfpack-manor.net
  • This topic will be Associated, too the Various Pieces that are being 3d Printed for Attachments/Accessories that are either Decorational, or functional. 
  • All Products, that will be Posted on this Thread, or Topic that is made by this Account, was 100% originally Designed, with the Idea of Interest for the Pepper Bot.
  • Products will be for Sale, as well as Auto-Cad Files Available, Requests for 3d Printed Parts Associated too Pepper Bot, and any Accessories. Must be your own work, or Publicly Available Work.
  • Shipping and Handling will Apply, We are a USA Based Company, but we ship internationally. 
  • For more information Reply here, or PM me directly.
  • Currently being Printed:
  • The Scar: Reverse Model, then a Casted series of Battle Scars, associated to Cuts, Bullet Holes. All Scars are Handpainted, and airbrushed. Signed and Labeled, No Set Looks 100% Alike, since they are made by hand, that is Painting, and color Wise. 
  • **For Requests on the Scar, colors and Such. Information will be Posted for you at a Later Time.
  • Please Note: Due to shipping Regulations in some countries, projects/requests will be turned down, or money refunded if payment is accepted. ~ Please see your Local, and Internaitonal Shipping/Receiving Laws
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