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Associative Body Language Advertising with Pepper
  • ((Currently Looking for Business/Developer Partners for Projects Associated with Pepper[[MUST HAVE a PEPPER]]))
  • Good Example of what I am talking about.
  • Macarena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiBYM6g8Tck
  • Say a Video for a Cool Summer Hangout just Appeared as a Advertising Between a Video that is being Shown online. 
  • Pepper`s Actions: Would Associate to both the Rhythm, as well as the Movement of the Video. Pulling the Users Attention directly too either the Pepper Bot itself, or too its Viewing Panel Located on its Chest. 
  • Via its Interesting Actions. This could be Associated to a Spa, for Relaxation, or a Breach for a Day for Fun in the Sun. Or it could be Associated directly to some Random Advertisment, that means absolutely nothing.
  • End result is, you effectively associated the "Viewers" Attention, even if its for a few extra Seconds, too the Advertisment. If they are enjoying the Actions, they`ll watch it, maybe even take a picture thinking its funny. End result however, they have viewed/watched/listened too the Advertisment. 
  • This is Just 1 of Many Things, I`ve Currently worked on. If your Interesting in a Example/Viewing of the Advertising with Pepper, please contact me. NOTE, I am currently in the Process of finding a Pepper, for Proper Testing. Untill then, no Code will be Posted, nor Apps Released.