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qipkg add python dependancies
I would like to know the best way to add python library dependacies to my packages generated with qibuids qipkg. Because of the project we are currently working on is worked on by a lot of students/interns we would like to keep as many of our packages and services as easy as possible this is why we mostly program our project in python. When we create a pure python project with qibuild we always add a requirements.txt to our project so that when we test locally we can use qipy bootstrap to install those to our venv. Is there any way to install those packages from the requirements.txt into our .pkg's using qipkg make-package generated with qipkg. Or include a requirements.pkg that is installed into the robot when we deploy our package(s) into the robot using qipkg deploy-package. I have heard that you can use pip to install those packages into a folder inside your qiproject. but that would make those libraries be part of our git repository which we rather not do. And this does not seem to work for anything but pure python libraries. I tried this with opencv-python. but it would not include anything but .py files. .pyd and other files would not be coppied into the package. I hope someone can be of help with this problem. Kind regards. Tom Verloop